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Stories of Hope for Asian Child Workers

Hidden in darkness and unnoticed by the rest of the world, there exists a horrible situation in South Asia - India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Millions of children as young as five, forced to work up to 16 hours a day. Barely enough food. Poor accommodations for sleep and hygiene. Working in dangerous situations - mines, quarries, factories, brickyards, and on the streets.


“Barbara's story for this anthology is wonderful! 

    Barbara has a natural talent for storytelling!"     Jodie Renner

Among Worlds

      I'm proud to be a contributing writer for Among Worlds "Encouraging and Empowering Adult Third Culture Kids," a quarterly publication.


     "... a way of writing that invites readers to experience emotions associated with various subjects, to truly identify ..." --Virginia Travis, former editor


"(This) article dealt with many important parts of the TCK experience--grief, belonging, transition, abandonment, etc... it paints a very clear and dramatic word picture." --Janet Blomberg, Executive Director of Interaction International.


The Independent

      During 2005-2009, I was a writer for The Independent, "A Magazine of Creativity, Culture, and Change" in the Wyoming Valley. From the premiere edition (then known as The Westsider) until the time I moved away from the Valley, I contributed to this quarterly publication. 




      Unfortunately, few of the twenty-plus articles I wrote are digital, but if you happen across a print copy, my byline is 'Barb Hawley.' 

       My specialty was the town feature and I wrote about the Valley's small towns like Forty Fort, Kingston, Plymouth, and Luzerne.


  I interviewed mayors, council members, business owners, and residents--an awesome experience for a budding journalist!


Island Girl Mystery Series



Julie Mitchell just wanted to make it to school on time. Now she’s afraid she won’t make it at all.


        Life takes a sudden U-turn for Julie Mitchell when her dad, a missionary doctor, decides to return overseas. As Julie heads to Manila, a kidnapping mix-up with the Ambassador’s daughter forces her to hide her true identity, outwit three terrorists, and accept changes for her future.


Advance praise for the Julie Mitchell series  
Julie Lamb (ACFW member,TCK):

“This is not some fluffy little formula novel pumped out for middle school girls. This is unique and genuine and honest telling. Barbara allows the reader to really get to know Julie. She is so much more relatable because Barbara shares little bits of information about her and involves all the senses.” 

Meet Julie Mitchell, a global teen who takes hijinks and hijacks in stride.